Upcoming Events

March 16-19, 2020

Naples, Bologna, Padua, & Milan, Italy

2020 Italy Seminars

SelectUSA will host four Investment Summit promotional events, March 16-19, 2020, in Naples, Bologna, Padua and Milan. The events will highlight the upcoming Investment Summit and how SelectUSA can assist Italian companies looking to expand operations in the United States. Economic developers from across the United States will join SelectUSA to promote their locations directly to attending companies.

For more information, including registration for either Italian companies or U.S. economic development organizations, please contact Andrea Rosa.

Italian industries & FDI

Naples is the largest metropolitan area in Southern Italy, with a population exceeding 3 million. In addition to 20 industrial/agricultural clusters, industries in the region are concentrated in the food, automotive, aerospace, mechanical and textile sectors. Companies from the surrounding regions of Apulia (Bari), Calabria, Basilicata, Abruzzo, Molise, Sicily (Palermo) and Latium (Roma) are expected to attend the Naples event on March 16. The main technical universities in the area include the University of Naples Federico II, Polytechnic of Bari, the School of Aerospace Engineering at La Sapienza Rome, University of Messina, University of Palermo, and University of Catania.

Bologna (North Central Italy) and the surrounding area is a well-known center of manufacturing in Italy, with 35 industrial/agricultural clusters. Companies from the surrounding regions of Tuscany (Florence) and Marche are expected to attend the Bologna event on March 17. Industries in these areas include the automotive, mechanical, food, textile, packaging, furniture, medical, paper, and tile sectors. The main technical universities in Bologna include the University of Bologna, Motor Vehicle University of Emilia-Romagna, Marche Polytechnic University, University of Florence, University of Pisa, and University of Siena.

Padua and nearby Treviso, located in the Veneto region (Northeastern Italy), are among the most industrialized cities in Italy. Companies from across the region are expected to join the Padua event on March 18. Industrial activity in Veneto is concentrated in the mechanical, food, textile, automotive, shipyards, plastics, glass, and furniture sectors. The main technical universities in the area include Iuav University of Venice, Cuoa Foundation, Dept. of Information Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Trento, the Complex of Mechanical Enineering at the University of Padua, University of Udine, and University of Trieste.

Milan is often considered the economic and financial capital of Italy. The surrounding region of Lombardy (Northwestern Italy) is the most populated and industrial in the country: 10 million residents and about 30 industrial/agricultural clusters. Companies located in the nearby regions of Piedmont (Turin) and Liguria (Genoa) are expected to attend the Milan event on March 19. Industries in the region include mechanical, automotive, food, textile, plastics, furniture, hydraulic components, and oil and gas sectors. Major technical universities include Polytechnic University of Milan, Polytechnic University of Turin, Polytechnic University of Cremona, the School of Engineering at the University of Bergamo, University of Brescia, University of Pavia, and the Department of Mechanical and Transport Engineering at the University of Genoa.

Total FDI from Italy reached $38.6 billion in 2018. Learn more about FDI from Italy and many other international markets on SelectUSA Stats.