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2017 China Road Show

Date March 13-23, 2017

Location Changchun, Jinan, Zhengzhou, Kunming, Xiamen, Nanjing China

SelectUSA’s fourth China Road Show will take place on March 13-23, 2017. The six-city show to Changchun (March 13), Jinan (March 15), Zhengzhou (March 17), Kunming (March 20), Xiamen (March 21), and Nanjing (March 23) will offer U.S. state, local, regional, and tribal economic development organizations (EDOs) the opportunity to market their locations directly to investors across China.

Who should apply?


The cost is $4,000, plus $500 for each additional participant.

Why should I apply?

China is the third fastest-growing source of FDI in the United States, with total stock at almost $21 billion. The Road Show cities are industrial and manufacturing hubs with companies looking for their next investment destinations (more information at the bottom of the page).

Check out our China fact sheet for more FDI information.

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How do I apply?

To register, please contact John McKiel. Registration Deadline: February 3

The Cities

Changchun, the capital city of Jilin province, is strong in automobile manufacturing, particularly passenger vehicles. The local government has been making efforts to diversify into other sectors and promote tourism, food processing, and rail vehicles and equipment.

Jinan has been transformed by technology-intensive industires from a city supported by heavy industry and textiles to a city with a more diverse industrial structure.

Zhengzhou’s pillar industries include auto, agriculture, equipment manufacturing, and textiles. Investments from Henan to the United States in recent years indicate a strong interest in overseas business expansion.

Kunming, an area rich in natural resources, is a key player in China’s agricultural and mineral production industry.

Xiamen, as one of China’s earliest special economic zones, is an industrial powerhouse with a diverse and developed economy. Key industries include electronics & IT, machinery, and chemicals.

Nanjing is a center for business, research, and education. Outbound investment from Jiangsu Province, where Nanjing is located, ranks among the top three provinces in China with trade flow exceeding $500 billion.

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