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FDI in High-Tech Industries

Date September 21, 2017

Location Conference Call

Conference Call: The Role of FDI in High-Tech Industries

Are you interested in learning about high-tech industries in your state and how international firms play a role in the growth of those industries? We encourage and invite you to join SelectUSA for a conference call on September 21, 2017, at 12:00 p.m. ET., where Research Analyst Maureen Book will discuss SelectUSA’s upcoming report: High-Tech Industries: The Role of FDI in Driving Innovation and Growth.

This conference call will discuss how we identify and define high-tech industries, provide a snapshot of the geography of high-tech industries and highly concentrated high-tech clusters in the United States, and explain how foreign direct investment supports the growth of U.S. high-tech industries through employment, R&D expenditures, contributions to U.S. exports, and value-added activities.

To register for this call, please contact Maureen Book.