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Date March 14, 2016

Location Austin, TX

SelectUSA at SXSW 2016 with Three-Part Startup Series

Expanding to the United States is a big step for any company, and for technology startups it often presents specific challenges. SelectUSA has joined forces with Fried Frank – a New York-based international law firm – to deliver a three-part series of talks at SXSW, designed to take global startups on an insightful journey about scaling in the U.S.

The “Bob and Judy’s Great American Adventure” series will kick-off with The Road Trip: Bob and Judy’s Bucket List, which will offer insight into some of the common concerns of establishing operations in the United States such as: choosing an optimal location, corporate structuring, IPR, contractual terms, tax structuring, talent acquisition, and accessing U.S. state, local and federal government support.

The second in the series is The Gold Rush: Bob and Judy Go Prospecting, and it will address the structure and nature of the venture capital (VC) market in the United States and ways to secure investment rounds for your startup.

The third installment, Tell Me: ‘How Did You Do That?’, brings together a panel of leaders who have done just that – travelled #TechRoute66! Hear stories and the lessons learned from founders and startups who have come to America and found success.

The panelists will draw on their expertise to help global founders and teams prepare for their successful scale-up in the United States as they embark on their own “Great American Adventure.”

Contact For more information, please contact Christina Sharkey.

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