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Past Events: Catching Up with SelectUSA

The past few years have been busy for SelectUSA. We’ve convened major policy conferences, taken EDOs on Road Shows throughout the world to connect them with investors, and facilitated seminars at industry trade shows in the United States and overseas. Read more below about our activities.

SelectUSA Investment Summit

The SelectUSA Investment Summit brings the diversity of the United States together under one roof – enabling any business to find the people, the resources, and the market it needs to be successful.

Please visit our Investment Summit page to learn more about the events’ outcomes, view our photos, watch recorded plenary sessions, and more.

Road Shows

These special trips organized by SelectUSA offer EDOs the opportunity to directly connect with investors in foreign markets to showcase their regions.

Trade Shows

SelectUSA has increased its presence at industry events both domestically and overseas where investors want to learn more about U.S. locations. SelectUSA sets up the USA Investment Center to help EDOs showcase their regions, organizes a seminar to help EDOs network with investors, or highlights SelectUSA services for investors.

International Seminars and Special Events

Through outreach to investors in global markets, SelectUSA helps them get the information they need to make critical decisions about their investments.  At seminars and other events, SelectUSA offers resources, identifies relevant federal programs, demystifies federal rules and regulations, and links businesses with partners or resources at the state or local levels.